Following is a partial list of our clients:

Virginia Power - Virginia Power offices
Southern States Cooperative- Numerous Locations

Medical College of Virginia - Numerous Locations
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs- C/T Scanner
Richmond Memorial Hospital - Computer Room upgrade

Thomasville, GA - Thomasville Community Center
U.S. Postal Service - Numerous Locations
VA Dept. of Transportation - Numerous Locations
VA Air National Guard - Numerous Locations
U.S. Navy - U.S. Navy Dam Neck

Virginia Commonwealth University - Numerous Locations
University of Virginia - Numerous Locations

Discovery United Methodist Church - Henrico County, Virginia
Salem Methodist Church - Sparta, Virginia
St. Mathew's United Methodist Church - Centerville, Virginia
Saint Andrews United Methodist Church - Henrico County, Virginia
Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church - Henrico County, Virginia
St. Michael's Catholic Church - Henrico County, Virginia

Assisted Living Centers/ Multi-Family Dwellings
Rockwood Village Apartments - Chesterfield County, Virginia
Bellgrade Apartments - Chesterfield County, Virginia
Market Square Apartments - Chesterfield County, Virginia
YMCA Building Apartments - Richmond, Virginia

Extra Billy's - Chesterfield County, Virginia
Peking Restaurant - Henrico County, Virginia
Subway - Numerous Locations
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